Samsung Galaxy S24 series to get nifty new camera tricks

Where can you zoom? "Anyplace", apparently

Samsung Zoom Anyplace
(Image credit: Samsung)

We’ve already heard a number of rumours relating to Samsung’s next flagship series, but now we have something far more concrete on what to expect from the Samsung Galaxy S24 series.

A video posted by Samsung (which you can watch below) highlights a number of new camera features for a device toting a 200MP camera.

The video specifically calls out the requirement of Qualcomm’s recently announced Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset to power the new features, which instantly rules them out for an update on the current Galaxy S23 series.

Get ready to ‘Zoom Anyplace’

The new technology is catchily named ‘ISOCELL Zoom Anyplace’ – just rolls of the tongue, doesn’t it – and comes with a few different features, the first of which is real-time, automatic subject tracking in videos.

It will allow you to select a subject in the video you’re shooting – in Samsung’s example it’s a basketball player – and the camera will use AI-based tracking to keep it  (them) in focus, as well as zooming in for more drama.

Zooming while recording also gets a bump with the ‘Zoom Anyplace’ feature.

Currently, if you zoom while recording video, your phone will zoom from the centre of the viewfinder, but with Samsung’s new technology you can zoom in any direction while maintaining 4K resolution (when zooming up to 4x). 

You will also be able to record full-screen and close up video at the same time, which stops you missing anything happening in the wider frame when zoomed in on a particular area.

And finally, End-to-End (E2E) AI Remoasic capture allows for up to two times faster image capture, reducing image processing time while increasing quality, which should result in stunning photographs.

Features reserved for the Galaxy S24 Ultra only?

While the video itself doesn’t specifically namecheck the Galaxy S24, this is as clear a link as we’re going to get considering we’re still around three months off launch.

All three handsets in the S23 series feature the second generation Snapdragon 8 chipset, so we’d bet a lot on the fact the Galaxy S24 will come with the third instalment of this chipset series. However, it may only be the Galaxy S24 Ultra (yes, the most expensive one) which benefits from the new camera smarts.

Currently, only the Galaxy S23 Ultra has a 200MP camera, with the S23 and S23+ making do with 50MP main rear snappers. We wouldn’t be surprised if this trend continues into the S24 series as Samsung looks to keep a technological gap between the Ultra and its siblings to help justify the loftier price tag.

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