New free PS5 upgrade is great for parents and their kids

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If you're both the proud owner of a PS5 and a proud parent,then the latest PlayStation update could be perfect for you, and not just because it adds the option to mute the startup beep

The latest update, which rolled out globally yesterday, added a brand new "Assistance" feature under the accessibility settings menu. When enabled this allows a second player with another controller to essentially act as a copy of player 1's pad. This means if say they are struggling with a puzzle, you could point the camera to give them a clue. Perhaps they can't quite manage a tricky jump on Sackboy: A Big Adventure, simply use the second controller to do it and then let them take control again. 

In a way this essentially turns every game into a co-operative experience. PlayStation  owners have long had the ability to surrender control to a friend online via remote play but this local equivalent will be lag free and by being in the same room, parents for example can jump in before anything gets too frustrating. 

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For super serious gamers this is probably not a feature that you'll need (other than to sabotage friends/family) but it's a great way for more experienced players to help those newer to gaming get accustomed to it without overhwelming them. I'm reminded of the likes of Mario Odyssey where Player 2 plays as Mario's hat in an assistant role. 

This is certainly the most interesting feature added with the latest PlayStation update but it's by no means the only one. The headline addition is probably the implementation of Dolby Atmos audio for gaming (not just Blu-rays) which will make your games sound better than ever.

The firmware update has other tricks up its sleeve. As well as the aforementioned beep silencing, there is new support for SSD drives up to a whopping 8TB, a bunch of online multiplayer UI tweaks and the option to enable haptic feedback on the console's menus. A couple of new voice commands have also released with players able to say “Hey PlayStation, help” to activate Help content and “Hey PlayStation, what’s new?” to see the latest features and current monthly free PlayStation Plus games. 

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