New BT broadband deals deliver FREE Google Stadia Premiere Edition

If you want Google Stadia for free, then these BT broadband deals are well worth a look

Google Stadia BT broadband deals
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If you've been thinking of picking up a Google Stadia, and also fancy upgrading your internet connection, then these broadband deals from BT are well worth checking out. That's because they deliver the Google Stadia Premiere Edition for free. That's a £119 free piece of gaming kit included along with a fast new broadband connection.

The free Google Stadia Premiere Edition deal is available on three of BT's current broadband packages, which start at £39.99 per month for an average speed of 67Mb, and progress right up to 300Mb average speeds at the top end. The full details of these three packages can be viewed below:

Superfast Fibre 2 | Average speed: 67Mb | £39.99 per month | 24-month contract | Free Google Stadia Premiere Edition | P&P: £9.99 | Available now at BT
The cheapest package you can pick up right now that includes the free Google Stadia Premier Edition is the BT Superfast Fibre 2. This delivers an average speed of 67Mb, with the package including the Stadia Premiere Edition, a three-month subscription to Stadia Pro, BT's Smart Hub and free BT Virus Protect on 15 devices.

Ultrafast Fibre 100 | Average speed: 145Mb | £39.99 per month | 24-month contract | Free Google Stadia Premiere Edition | P&P: £9.99 | Available now at BT
If your area can get it, though, then this Ultrafast Fibre 100 deal looks even better value to us here at T3, as it delivers the exact same package as above, for the same monthly fee of £39.99, but this time delivers an average speed of 145Mb and a guaranteed speed of 100Mb. Perfect for streaming Google Stadia games at 4K resolution with HDR visuals.

Ultrafast Fibre 250 | Average speed: 300Mb | £49.99 per month | 24-month contract | Free Google Stadia Premiere Edition | P&P: £9.99 | Available now at BT
The top-rated package that delivers the free Google Stadia Premiere Edition is BT's Ultrafast Fibre 250 plan. This delivers a guaranteed speed of 150Mb and an average speed of 300Mb. It's the same package again as the two deals above, however this one costs £49.99 per month rather than £39.99. Even that minimum guaranteed speed is incendiary, so with an average of double that, you'd be able to run your own bank off it.

For even more great broadband deals be sure to scope out T3's super useful comparison tool below, which pulls through the very best prices and deals from all of the UK's broadband suppliers.


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