Netflix's major sci-fi series finally gets final-season trailer – after S3's 91% score

The Umbrella Academy's final season gets a full trailer – finally!

The Umbrella Academy Season 4
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One of Netflix's very biggest shows is about to finally end – even though it's only its fourth season. The Umbrella Academy has been a fan-favourite for years now, but the season starting on 8 August will be its last. 

Now, about a month before release, it's finally got a full trailer to go with the teaser from a few weeks back. It shows off what looks like it'll be an emotional but also action-packed run of episodes. Check it out below:

The Umbrella Academy | Final Season | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube The Umbrella Academy | Final Season | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube
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In fact, you can tell just how popular the series is because Netflix took the rare step of making its trailer a premiere on YouTube, not just a normal upload without any fanfare. This meant people were able to watch along together when it dropped at 3pm GMT on Tue 9 July.

The show has largely been a critical success, especially after a first season that had to whizz through a lot of scene-setting and context to get people up to speed with its whacky world. Both Seasons 2 and 3 are sitting on 91% scores from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, which is definitely something that Netflix will be proud of. 

That said, the show's third season has a noticeably less stellar score from audiences, languishing at just 55% compared to numbers in the 80s from the first two seasons. This might be attributable to a season that tried to get through a lot more in one go, and the final season doesn't seem set to change that approach. 

We'll clearly get plenty of time with the core group of misfits that made the show so popular but with a bunch of the characters who've been added since also bringing their own flair to proceedings. 

Regardless, people are clearly primed to enjoy an emotional send-off – the top comments on that YouTube trailer upload in the minutes after it arrived include sentiments like this one: "On August 8th I'm going to be sobbing in my room and watching it over and over again". 

There's almost exactly a month to go now if you need to catch up on previous seasons, but it's as interesting to wonder how Netflix will replace the show. Sci-fi has become a key battleground in the war to be the best streaming service on the market, after all, so it'll need something big-budget to tick that quirky box. 

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