Netflix losing ultra-tense movie with 99% Rotten Tomatoes score this month

It looks like Netflix can't stand the heat

Netflix film Boiling Point
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If you're a chef then chances are you'll be feeling cooler than ever in recent years. Shows like Disney+ sensation The Bear and movies like The Menu have made chefs sexy. Of course one of the reasons that The Bear is so popular is the high-stress situations and complex professional and personal relationships between the restaurant's team. If you want a nice little feature-length dessert, you need to check out Boiling Point on Netflix, especially as it's leaving the platform on September 23rd. 

They don't do Michelin Stars for movies but the closest you can get is Rotten Tomatoes and Boiling Point has a massive 99% score with critics and was nominated for four BAFTAs, including for lead Stephen Graham.

We follow head chef Andy Jones (Stephen Graham) who runs the kitchen at a lush London spot with his name on the door.  With his head already thrown by a bad health inspection, there's no time to rest with a high-pressure service imminent. Not only is it beyond fully-booked but critics, celebrity chefs and even a proposal are all planned for the night. Where's Remy the rat from Ratatouille when you need him?

Vertigo Films

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Presented as one continuous take (like Birdman or 1917) and filmed on location in a real restaurant in Dalston, this is a frightening look into the world of fine dining. With enough swearing to make Gordon Ramsay blush and more going on than a chunky casserole, this is not a movie to miss.

UK viewers have until the 23rd of September to make themselves a nice meal, sit down to watch, and then have their food go cold as they can't take their eyes off the screen. With A five-episode series with the same cast making its way to the BBC this year, this is a great time to catch up.

If you're still not full and want something that tense and emotionally devastating then check out the most powerful movie I've seen in years on Prime Video.

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