Netflix is bringing back fan-favourite true crime series for season 2 – I can't wait

Worst Roommate Ever is coming back for another season

Worst Roommate Ever
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True crime has gone from a little-known genre to one of the biggest in the world over the last decade or so – and is so far from niche that giants like Netflix are all over it in their bid to be the best streaming service on the planet. 

Back in 2022, Netflix debuted a new series called Worst Roommate Ever, which, despite the slightly corny title, became a mega-hit thanks to its anthology format. Each episode told a true crime story with insights from those who lived through it or investigated it. 

The twist, of course, was that each story involved someone with a nightmarish roommate or housemate, generally speaking, and the person who went on to criminal ends. Now there's a second season coming, and Netflix has teased it with a short glimpse at one story that we'll be exploring. I can't wait!

The teaser gives us a couple of brief interview snippets concerning a man called Scott, and charting some of his early odd behaviours. As you can well see: many of the reenactions are presented as animation, giving an additional quirk to this successful series. 

We hear how Scott would slam doors late at night and come into his housemate's room to apparently check if he was there, without permission, and at antisocial hours. He would scare his housemate's cats, and generally seemed creepy.

We then get a snippet indicating that the landlord at the time, a woman called Anita, wasn't able to see through Scott's charming facade to the more sinister truths beneath it. That setup makes it pretty easy to gather that the story won't end well for someone – but we're clearly going to have to wait for the season to drop to find out more!

That'll happen on 26 June, according to Netflix, so we'd also be pretty confident that there will be a longer trailer before then, with more details and glimpses of the other stories that the season will touch on. Worst Roommate Ever was a decent success, so teeing it up piece by piece ahead of the launch date makes sense. 

That we'll be getting more animations forcertain scenes – which were the trademark of the first season – will surely help it to stand out a little in an otherwise crowded market. There's been all sorts of true crime series of late, competing with hugely successful sci-fi series across various streaming outlets. 

Netflix certainly wants to be seen as the best streaming service for true crime fans, between this and other series like Don't F**K with Cats and Tiger King – perhaps with this show's second season it'll have another key weapon in its arsenal (not that that saved Tiger King, really, but we live in hope!).

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