Nespresso introduces Gingseng Delight - their first capsule infused with botanical ingredient

It's a smooth double espresso blend with a botanical twist

Nespresso Ginseng Delight pods
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Whether you're a fan of a bean to cup coffee machine or prefer sticking to the pods, there's no denying that a hot cup of coffee can do wonders for the soul. We love all things coffee here at T3 and that means any new launch of the latest machines, beans or pods can be exceptionally exciting. Today, it's Nespresso that has perked our interests with their newest addition to its esteemed Coffee+ range: Ginseng Delight. 

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Nespresso Ginseng Delight capsules

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As mentioned, Nespresso have recently launched their Ginseng Delight capsule. It's a new blend that combines the sophistication of a smooth Double Espresso, delicate ginseng extract, and the indulgent sweetness of caramel flavour. 

The fourth blend in the Coffee+ range, Ginseng Delight joins Vivida, which provides 25% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin B12 in one capsule, and the Melozio and Stormio Boost capsules, which provide 20% more caffeine than the regular blends. The Coffee+ range is designed for coffee lovers wanting more from their coffee moments, while pushing the boundaries of coffee innovation and maintaining an unwavering commitment to exceptional quality. It's a great way to get more out of a single cup!

Ginseng Delight breaks new ground as Nespresso’s first blend infused with a botanical ingredient: Panax Ginseng Extract.

The captivating aroma of caramel and biscuit cake paves the way for the distinctive taste of ginseng with its subtle earthy undertones. Coffee lovers can treat themselves to a moment of mindfulness and let the captivating flavours transport them to new heights of indulgence. 

Ginseng Delight also harmoniously melds natural Arabica coffee sourced from Brazil with fully-washed Arabicas from Mexico and other Latin American origins. A touch of fine Robusta from Uganda provides the final touch. 

Nespresso Ginseng Delight

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Anna Lundstrom, CEO Nespresso UK & ROI, says “Ginseng Delight encapsulates the essence of Nespresso’s Coffee+ range, designed for the many coffee lovers who take time during their coffee moment to focus on their wellbeing. We have pushed the boundaries of innovation to craft a coffee which delivers a wonderful combination of flavours and aromas and enhances this meaningful experience every day.”

Ginseng Delight: price and availability 

Ginseng Delight is available exclusively for the Nespresso UK and Ireland markets on their website and in selected boutiques at £0.71 per capsule. 

The Coffee+ range is compatible with Nespresso Vertuo Machines only, starting from RRP £69 and available on their website

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