Need a quick massage? Pop on a hoodie and AiraWear will sort you out

Give you lower back, upper back a shoulders a cheeky massage on the go (or the sly)

Considering how busy our lives can get these days, stiff muscles and sore backs are almost a painful, and expected normality. Time enough for a massage? Not likely. Well, the team behind at AiraWear have just the thing - a vest that slowly stimulates your shoulders, lower back and upper back. Best of all, it's light and compact and can be worn under a hoodie or sweatshirt without the need to look like an undercover Navy SEAL.

Intriqued? Already feel that twinge in back... twinging? Ours, too. The vest from AiraWear works by combining firm pieces of foam that are controlled by jets of air pressure that circulate within the vest. This enables you to control how hard the massage will be and which areas of your back you need the most attention.

Tware, the parent company behind the AiraWear vest, says you can walk around and use the wearable and still get a relaxing massage, but for optimum effectiveness its best to sit down and sit back, allowing the six foam pads to align and work those poor old muscle knots away. The thing is controlled via a bespoke app for your smartphone or tablet (both Android ad iOS will be supported, we're told) and can be set to relaxation and sleep modes - however, the battery currently only lasts for three hours so don't expect a full night's pampering.

You can pre-order the vest now, which will net you a discount on its estimated $250 price tag. Pre-orders are set to be fulfilled later this year so expect the AiraWear to arrive sometime in the autumn.

Via: AiraWear

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