Nectar has one of the most stylish weighted blankets I've seen, and right now it's 30% off

This smart knitted weighted blanket is 100% organic cotton, and dye- and chemical-free, too

Cloverlane weighted blanket
(Image credit: Nectar)

Looking for a weighted blanket that blends in with your bedroom or living room decor? Head to Nectar, where the Cloverlane blanket is 30% off right now. While many of the options in our best weighted blanket guide have tiny glass beads sewn into pockets to weigh it down, this knitted blanket creates the weight all on its own. That means it looks just like a very smart, regular blanket. In fact, it's one of the most stylish options we've seen (it's similar to the Eve weighted blanket, but that one will set you back £199... and it's currently out of stock).

Nectar is known as one of the best mattress brands around – as our Nectar mattress review will attest – but it also makes some excellent sleep accessories. The 5kg weight is on the lighter end when it comes to weighted blankets, making it a great choice for those who are new to weighted blankets or want something less intense. It's also made from organic cotton, with no chemicals or dyes, which will appeal to those who like to keep things natural. This deal knocks £39 off the price.

Cloverlane Weighted Blanket: was £130, now £91 at Nectar

Cloverlane Weighted Blanket: was £130, now £91 at Nectar
This heavyweight blanket is made entirely from organic cotton, with no dyes or chemicals. The 5kg weight makes it ideal for those who want a less intense weighted blanket experience, and it's super stylish too. There's 30% off for a limited time at Nectar.

Weighted blankets began life as a specialised medical aid but hit the mainstream a few years back when someone realised that they can extremely relaxing and stress relieving in general use – as well as helping relieve insomnia for some people. We have a separate guide to how weighted blankets work, but the gist is that they create a gentle, even pressure across the body, which many find soothing. It's like a full body hug. 

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