My favourite weight bench (and more!) is on offer a month before Black Friday

Get fit for less in 2024 with these excellent gym equipment offers from Again Faster

Again Faster hex dumbbells stacked up on gym floor
(Image credit: Again Faster)

We'll see the best Black Friday deals on home gym equipment start coming in from early November... or will we!? Actually, they are already here, as these early-Black Friday offers from premium-yet-affordable gym equipment manufacturer Again Faster exemplifies. You can save quite a lot if you buy more than just one item, but if you are buying just one thing, make it the Team Plus Adjustable Bench.

That's my favourite weight bench, and has been for a while. Don't believe me that I've ever used the thing? Not only it's listed on T3's best weight bench guide (in the number one position, no less), I'm quite literally featured on the page on the manufacturer's website. Scroll down to the 'Check Out These Home Gyms' section, and there I am, pumping iron in my garden! See all the offers below:

Between you and me, I'm currently on a hunt for a squat rack or a half cage, which would complete my home gym setup and allow me to finally use the Team Plus Bench for bench presses. Not to mention squats, which I dearly miss because I haven't had a rack to load the barbell on for absolute ages.

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Matt Kollat
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