My favourite reality show is returning next year – with a twist

Betrayal with the stars

The Traitors contestants and host Claudia Winkleman
(Image credit: BBC)

In the world of reality TV we've seen celebrities undertake pretty much every task imaginable - Dancing, singing, cooking, diving, camping and even ski-jumping spring to mind - but have you ever seen them murder each other under cover of darkness?

Ok, so in The Traitors there are no literal murders, but who knows what happens to the contestants after they open the envelope that reads "By order of the traitors, you have been murdered".

This year's second series was absolute peak television that captured the nation. Offices, schools and taxis everywhere were full of speculation and wild theories about the outcome. I don't know how the show is going to top that, but it is official that The Traitors will return in 2025. This time with celebrity contestants. 

According to Deadline the BBC and Studio Lambert (who make the show) is close. What's even more exciting is that we're seemingly set for a double dose of the traitors with Deadline saying "The hope is that the first celeb version will film next year and go out later in 2025, by which time three seasons of the “civilian” version will have aired." We've only had two regular series so far - so expect more in late 2024/early 2025!

The Traitors plan another murder

(Image credit: BBC)

There is no word of which celebrities will take part but as long as they aren't too irritating and Claudia Winkleman still hosts, I'll watch it. I am slightly worried that part of what makes the standard show so good is that the contestants start as unknowns and eventually become fully fleshed-out characters. With celebrities, it will be harder to shake any preconceived notions, and also it feels like the money is less important. Sure, it will probably be for charity, but the personal stakes are higher for regular people. 

If you can't wait for more Traitors then you don't have to, the US and Australian versions are both on BBC iPlayer. The US version even features 'celebrities' like erm... former house speaker John Bercow (order!). 

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