Buy a Galaxy S23 and get £300 to spend on Adidas shoes

You've got until the end of May to look as smart as your Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2023
(Image credit: Samsung)

What's better than having one of the Samsung Galaxy S23 range, Samsung's very best phones? Having one of the Samsung Galaxy S23 and £300 of Adidas kit. That's what Samsung is offering new buyers until the end of May 2023: simply buy any Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphone – the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus or Galaxy S23 Ultra – and you'll get a voucher for £300 to spend online with Adidas. Then, as Run DMC put it, you will be able to do the illest things.

There's no catch. Samsung runs promotional campaigns like this all the time, although the Samsung deals are more typically money off deals than collaborations. But Adidas is an inspired choice, because of course the promotion is designed to associate Samsung with one of the world's best-loved activewear brands. 

How to get £300 to spend online at Adidas

The process is simple enough. Buy your S23 phone SIM free from a participating retailer, hang on to your proof of purchase and visit You'll be asked to enter your details and upload your proof of purchase, and provided you've given all the necessary details you'll then get an emailed voucher with a code you can redeem online at the Adidas site. 

This promotion isn't retrospective, so you can't just dig out your receipt for a Galaxy S23 you bought six weeks ago. The proof of purchase must be dated between 26 April and 30 May 2023, and you must submit your claim within 30 days of purchase.

Sadly this one isn't available to US or Australian Samsung buyers: it's purely an Ireland and UK promotion.

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