Much-requested iPhone feature could become reality – but not for a while

No notch, no Dynamic Island

Apple iPhone 15 Pro
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The iPhone 15 is a generation of many firsts for Apple, it is the first time that all of the iPhone models have had the Dynamic Island, previously a pro-only feature. We much prefer it to the old 'notch' that used to house the front camera, but those wanting a perfectly unblemished screen have had to grin and bear it. 

However, in the future that might no longer be the case. According to Korean outfit, The Elec Apple is looking to incorporate an under-display camera (UDC) on future iPhones. Apple has supposedly tasked LG Innotek with the tricky task of creating a camera with no visible hole that still captures enough light to take top-quality shots. This is the main problem with existing UDC phones like those found in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and part of the reason why foldable cameras are lagging behind traditional phones. On top of this, it also needs to be used for Face ID. 

LG Innotek is supposedly developing a 'Freeform Optic' lens to deal with these challenges. Supposedly it will consist of multiple lenses in a 'free curve' shape, to change the thickness of the lens needed to let in more light. Pretty clever.

iPhone 15

(Image credit: Future)

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like you'll be able to get an iPhone with an immaculate screen anytime soon as Apple has reportedly been disappointed with early samples. With that in mind, sources suggest that it could take until 2027, and the iPhone 19 for a truly smooth screen. We are fans of the Dynamic Island here at T3, but of course, everyone would love a continuous screen.

Of course, none of this information is officially confirmed but this does at least suggest Apple is working to move past the divisive Dynamic Island. WIf the cutout really offends you that much then who knows, maybe we'll get a foldable iPhone before then?

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