Moncler's first fragrance smells great and is a perfect Christmas gift

Featuring a bottle with a digital screen you can personalise!

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Moncler recently unveiled its first-ever fragrances, Moncler Pour Femme and Moncler Pour Homme, two perfumes that evoke a crisp, cool ode to the great outdoors wrapped in an opulent cocoon of warmth.

Moncler Pour Femme and Moncler Pour Homme are the latest in a long line of inspirational creations from the lifestyle brand celebrated around the world for its heritage of mountain excellence, modern luxury and high-performance sportswear. 

What makes these fragrances stand out, especially as one of the best Christmas gifts, is that the flask-shaped bottle comes complete with a customisable LED screen.

The flask-shaped bottle is designed to echo Moncler's mountaineering origins and the iconic quilted construction of a Moncler jacket. It marries a bold silver finish with clear glass revealing the light amber liquid of Moncler Pour Femme, while the Moncler Pour Homme bottle features a completely silver-dipped effect. 

The LED screen acts as an illuminated message panel and is customisable via a Bluetooth-powered smartphone app. 

This playful feature allows you to write a personal note that appears in scrolling red letters across the bottle's mirrored façade when activated by the Moncler logo shaped push button. It really is perfect for a nickname, special message or holiday greeting.

Moncler Fragrance

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A floral woody musky fragrance, Moncler Pour Femme is the work of perfumers Nisrine Grillié and Quentin Bisch, and contains a pair of custom accords designed exclusively for Moncler. 

The fragrance opens with the crisp, bright sensation of the Powdery Snow accord - reminiscent of the evanescent beauty of freshly fallen snow. Lifted with the radiance of Italian Bergamot, it evolves through a bouquet of white florals - Jasmine Sambac and sweet Heliotrope - to plunge headfirst into the warm embrace of the exclusive Mountain Woods accord. Exclusive to Moncler, this base note envelops the wearer, mingling the seductive essences of amber, cedarwood and sandalwood. Its luxurious and heady dry-down fuses with natural vanillin. 

This is one of the best perfumes for women.

Moncler Fragrance

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Moncler Pour Homme is a woody aromatic fragrance created by perfumers Antoine Maisondieu and Christophe Raynaud. Capturing the vibrant natural beauty of an alpine forest, this enveloping fragrance contains an unprecedented saturation of woody notes. 

Starting with the exclusive Alpine Green accord for Moncler that, through a leaf expanse of mountain pines. Warming directly through an overdose of Cedarwood, the Mountain Woods accord takes ultimate precedence in this bold scent, forming a cocooning, earthy drydown of grand proportions when fused with the smoky magnetism of Vetiver.

This is one of the best men's fragrances.

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