Mint Mobile is bringing back 6 months of free service for new customers!

The unreal deal is back when you purchase a Samsung Galaxy A02 or A12

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As far as phone plans are concerned, Mint Mobile has recently become a top contender for one of the best cheap phone plans on the market. They offer great plans for great prices, and have an excellent selection of phones to choose from.

Offering reliable service that starts as low as $15/month, the affordable wireless service just dropped one heck of a deal for those shopping for a new carrier. This limited time offer gives away 6 months of service for new customers when they sign up for Mint Mobile and grab either a Samsung Galaxy A02 or Samsung Galaxy A12.

Check out the Mint Mobile Samsung Galaxy A02 6 month free service deal!

Check out the Mint Mobile Samsung Galaxy A12 6 month free service deal!

Both phones, which offer a great entry point into the Galaxy line of smart devices, are super budget-friendly meaning you get a cheap new phone AND cheap phone service (price-wise!) without sacrificing network quality. It's an offer that is downright insane for anyone looking to save a bit on their phone bill each month, and payment plans are available for as low as $15/month to start.

Even better, Mint Mobile offers cheap Family Plans to fit almost any budget, meaning the whole gang can switch over to Mint for a very affordable price. In terms of sheer value, Mint Mobile's Family Plans are some of the best on the market right now – both through performance and offerings.

And if that doesn't convince you, Mint Mobile even offers a 7-day free trial of their wireless service. That means if you're not quite sure Mint Mobile's service is right for you or your location, you can test it out with your current phone for a full week before you pull the trigger.

As someone who looks for any way to save cash at a time like this, Mint Mobile's offer is enticing enough for even myself to give it a shot. This offer is perfect for students looking to save some money and even families who just need to cut down on the monthly bills.

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