Microsoft is working on a dedicated version of Windows for Steam Deck

This could level up the handheld gaming experience significantly

Steam Deck
(Image credit: Valve)

Handheld gaming is definitely experiencing a surge in popularity at the moment. We've had the Steam Deck, which set the bar for what a handheld gaming console should look like in 2023.

Now, with competitors like the Asus ROG Ally seemingly on the way, that bar could get raised significantly. While details about the ROG Ally are sparse, we've heard that it will go far beyond the capabilities of the Steam Deck, offering "double the performance, twice the refresh rate, and more than double the resolution," according to YouTuber, Linus Tech Tips.

With the popularity of these devices, it's perhaps no surprise that Microsoft are rumoured to be working on a dedicated version of their Windows software for them. While the current operating system is not awful, there are a number of software tweaks which could drastically improve the overall user experience.

It's arguably a bigger deal for the ROG Ally, which is said to ship with Windows 11. The Steam Deck uses SteamOS – a proprietary Linux-based system.

Video footage of the software in use was shared on Twitter. The software was showcased at a Hackathon event last year. The nature of these events – where employees can present concepts and ideas – means that it may not end up getting a full release.

I certainly hope it does though. It's clear that these devices have a market, and many will surely look to use Windows on them for familiarity. Getting in early to manage any bugs and issues will ensure an optimal user experience, and ensure Windows remains the top pick as the market matures.

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