Microsoft's Surface event is live. Here’s how to watch unveiling of Surface Pro 8 and more

New Surface Pro 8, Surface Book, Surface Go and the Duo 2 smartphone are expected

Microsoft Surface event
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft is about to launch a bunch of new hardware that could include several new tablets and laptops, as well as an updated version of its quirky, but ultimately unpopular, Duo Android phone. In an event that is streaming live now, we’re expecting Microsoft to big up the move to Windows 11 and show off hardware to support it. 

Watch the event live on Microsoft’s event page

So far there have been quite a lot of leaks that detail the Surface Pro 8. It appears to be equipped with a 120Hz display and a variety of Intel’s 11th gen Core CPUs. There’s also a rumour it will come equipped with USB-C and Thunderbolt. As always, the Surface Pro update has generated a lot of interest, but we also believe the company will announce updates to the Surface Book and the Surface Go too. 

Microsoft’s more conventional laptop, the Surface Book 4 may also see that 120Hz screen refresh rate, along with Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) which will allow it to maintain some sort of battery life, only dialing up the Hz when needed. 

The Surface Go, which is Microsoft’s budget offering in the Surface range, will also see some improvements to the processor. It may even include an Intel Core i3, which, while the entry level Core processor, is a step up from the Pentium Gold in the current models. 

Controversially, it looks like the company’s mobile phone might be back for another bit of the folding smartphone market. The first generation Duo didn’t have a foldable screen, instead it used two standard panels that closed together in a sort of chunky clamshell. The first generation phone was hampered by a really average processor and a fairly disappointing camera.

The company may be looking to switch to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 this year, which is about as good as mobile CPUs come right now. A triple camera system might also add improved photography, which is crucial for winning over high-end customers, otherwise they’ll just by a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 or an iPhone

Will we see news about Windows 11. Well, it’s a hardware event, but we also find it hard to believe Microsoft won’t talk about its newest update to Windows. At this point many of the things we’ve grumbled about are likely set in stone. Windows 11 will exclude a number of older computers in a radical shift from Microsoft, which has traditionally supported very old hardware on new operating system releases. However the changes are needed, it argues, to shore up security on Windows-based computers. 

Potentially we might see Microsoft demonstrate how having a Duo 2 phone to pair with the Android apps coming to Windows 11 is the ideal solution. The Duo 2 will likely remain a tough sell though, especially if it really does retail for $1,500 as a rumour published on Notebookcheck suggests. 

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