Massive Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 upgrade revealed by Samsung itself

The next-gen smartwatch looks set to be a fitness lover's dream

Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra leak (in black)
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Samsung has revealed some of the key details of its forthcoming flagship smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch Ultra.

The company has shared a video of the biometric sensor you'll find inside the new wearable.

With Samsung Galaxy Unpacked set to take place later this week, many are clamouring to see just what the brand will unveil at the event. The surprise has been somewhat lost, however, with many leaks and rumours seemingly telling us all we need to know.

Regardless, there is still a buzz – particularly surrounding the smartwatches on offer. While the next iteration of the standard line may not cause too much furore, the long awaited Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra looks set to.

Now, we know a little more about what could be happening internally on those devices. That's because Samsung has shared a video detailing its BioActive Sensor, which is set to be found in the devices.

Introducing Samsung’s New BioActive Sensor - YouTube Introducing Samsung’s New BioActive Sensor - YouTube
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It says, "The all-new BioActive Sensor is essential [for] bringing you better preventative health experiences on the next Galaxy Watch, with design improvements that enable even more precise health insights. 

"Samsung engineers focused on three upgrades to the new sensor: enhancing the performance of light-receiving photodiodes, adding additional colors of light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and arranging them optimally across the sensor."

What does that mean for the end user? Well, on top of the obvious benefits to the quality of health data collected, it could signal a more efficient operation.

The release talks about improving the design of the sensor, with parts improved to increase free space. That's generally good news for battery life and thermal performance, with parts able to act in a more effective manner.

That's speculation, of course, but it's hard to see why the brand wouldn't be pushing for that. While Samsung generally has a better time with battery life than others on the market, it remains a gripe for smartwatch users.

Any steps which can be made to improve in that arena – while simultaneously aiding other functionality – seems like a surefire winner. There is, of course, no guarantee that the new sensor will arrive on both models. For confirmation of that, you'll have to tune in to the event tomorrow.

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