Margot Robbie's 8 best movies streaming now – no.7 will surprise you

The queen of Hollywood, Margot Robbie has some spectacular movies on streaming services right now, here are the best

The Wolf of Wall Street screenshot with Margot Robbie
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Margot Robbie’s star has never been higher – 2023 was the year of Barbie, after all, which you can now own and stream – and the Aussie actress is now just about the biggest thing since sliced bread where Hollywood is concerned. She's also one of the greatest assets to the best streaming services out there.

She’s not new on the scene, though, and Robbie has been in a whole host of excellent movies in recent years. If you saw Barbie and want to catch up on her work without spending any extra cash on buying or renting movies, though, you might be curious about what films you can currently catch on streaming services at no extra cost (if you’re a member anyway). 

We’ve scrubbed through all the major streaming services to dig up the Margot Robbie movies you should be checking out, and listed them for you below – and we’ve ordered them from best to worst according to their Rotten Tomatoes score, since you might as well stick to the more critically-acclaimed end of the spectrum if you can, eh? 

1. The Suicide Squad

We can’t lie, we were surprised, too – when you see some of the films that come in lower down this list, for James Gunn’s anti-hero flick to be Robbie’s highest-rated film on Rotten Tomatoes seems a surprise.

Then again, The Suicide Squad is absolutely loads of fun, and Robbie’s maniacal Harley Quinn is very much the anchor in the middle of it all, cackling and gurning away as her squad of misfits does its best to get the better of some truly outrageous baddies.

This time around she’s paired with some new team members, including Idris Elba and John Cena, but the dark humour is as present and correct as ever, as is the punchdrunk action. Worth having a Netflix subscription just to revel in all that. 

2. The Big Short

It might be a stretch to call it a Margot Robbie movie, since Robbie is very much a cameo, and plays herself, but the fact is that her appearance in The Big Short is insanely memorable and was so talked-about at the time of release that it has to feature here.

This comedy-drama about the 2005 sub-prime mortgage scandal that caused a housing crisis is unbelievably well-written, well paced and features occasional vignettes in which real-life celebrities stop the action to explain what some terms actually mean for laypeople.

Robbie’s features her in the bath and helps you to actually get your head around some genuinely key concepts, and is so glamorous and funny that we had to include it. That plus free delivery makes an Amazon Prime Video membership worth it. 

3. Once Upon A Time In... Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino’s most recent film from 2019 was a massive box-office smash, and while Margot Robbie’s part in it isn’t that huge, it’s one of the most memorable performances in a jam-packed film.

She plays the innocent and naive Sharon Tate in this retelling of one of Hollywood’s darkest episodes, and wanders around in a happy daze as her big breakthrough continues, all while Brad Pitt and Leo DiCaprio get on with the film’s main plotline.

It’s another violent, sweary and satirical epic from Tarantino, but without Robbie, there would be something huge missing – heart.

4. The Wolf of Wall Street

Speaking of sweary, nothing else comes close to The Wolf of Wall Street, which was part of Robbie’s real-life breakthrough in Hollywood – we were amazed to see it only make fourth spot on this list, though it’s out of our hands.

She plays the wife to Leo DiCaprio’s Jordan Belfort, and absolutely chews the scenery as reckless abandon turns to entitlement over the long runtime of the movie.

Making nasty characters seem understandable is a testament to any actor, after all, and Robbie is doing some basic but excellent work on that front here.

5. Suite Francaise

This is another chance to see Robbie in a smaller, supporting role that doesn’t demand as much star power or glamour from her, and it’s another impressive performance in a great ensemble piece.

This war film focuses on the dramas that were rampant in occupied France, and while Robbie’s character is far from central, at times she has a crucial influence on what happens in this heart-rending drama.

6. Bombshell

This retelling of a huge episode in US broadcast history centres on the downfall of Roger Ailes at Fox, and stars Robbie as one of the women who made it happen.

With an absolutely killer cast that also includes Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron, it’s a slick and tightly-paced newsroom and boardroom drama that might not have rewritten the rule book, but holds up really well.

Robbie brings a nice blend of steel and shock to the table, too, as the most inexperienced of the three anchors in the movie.

7. Goodbye Christopher Robin

It’s probably fair to say that most of Robbie’s most successful performances have been of highly likeable characters, but this less well-known retelling of AA Milne’s journey to becoming a writer gives her a different opportunity.

She gets to be the slightly more cold and challenging figure that pops up less often in her filmography so far, and it does her credit that she manages it nicely.

If you’ve got a lover of Winnie the Pooh in your family, this could be a great option to find out a little more about the real story behind the bear. Tissues at the ready, though...

8. Amsterdam

When David O. Russell assembles a cast of this magnitude, you pay attention – that made it all the more surprising when Amsterdam debuted to extremely iffy reviews.

Still, if you’re willing to look past its critical reception you’ll find a fun (if a little overbearing) caper that has a wild habit of popping an Oscar-winning actor into a tiny role when you’re least expecting it.

Robbie is one of the three central characters, and while she’s slightly underused compared to Christian Bale, it’s still a nice bit of fun – that Rotten Tomatoes score takes some overlooking, though!

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