Luxury caravans surely can't get any better than the high-tech Pebble Flow

Just look at it!

Pebble Flow caravan
(Image credit: Pebble)

Pebble is a relative newcomer in the world of caravans and motor homes, but boy has it made a great first impression.

It has recently unveiled its first flagship "travel trailer" in the form of the Pebble Flow and if there's a better spec'ed holiday home out there, we've not seen it yet.

For starters, it is 100% electric and can store enough energy for a family to go off grid for up to seven days. It also has propulsion assist functionality to help smaller EVs to tow it. There's even a "Magic Hitch" feature whereby the trailer automatically positions itself and hitches to your car.

That automation continues when setting it up or packing it away to move on. A single button can be pressed to deploy or retract the awning, stairs, auto-levelling stabilisers and operate the lights.

Plus remote control via an iPhone or Android app can maneouvre the Pebble Flow into position.

Inside, the Flow has sleeping capacity for four, plus a fully stocked kitchen with a 4-in-1 convection microwave and full-size fridge. It is also plug and play for Starlink internet connectivity, while the interior devices are smart and controllable through the Pebble app – this includes all lighting, locks and thermostat.

The look of the Flow is straight out of iRobot too, with its wrap-around windows giving a 270-degree view of the environment. Yet it doesn't look out of place in the natural world.

"So many people will never embark on an RV trip simply because they are intimidated by how to do it," said Pebble's CTO, Stefan Solyom.

"The combination of advanced modern EV features and the Pebble app makes RVing easier than ever, whether you’re a seasoned RVer or just starting out."

Currently available to pre-order in the US only, the Pebble Flow starts at $109,000. That comes with a 45 kWh EV battery.

Adding the extra "magic" featureset, such as remote control, Magic Hitch and assisted towing, bumps that up to a starting price of $125,000.

Orders will ship by the "end of 2024".

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