Looking Glass Go is a portable holographic display you can view 3D spatial photos on

Affordable and desirable, the Looking Glass Go has smashed its crowd-funding target

Looking Glass Go
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Looking Glass has been making holographic displays for a while, but will introduce a new, portable and affordable model next summer.

Called Looking Glass Go, the "world's first" pocketable holographic display is ideal for viewing 3D spatial photos on as you can rotate it (or move around it) to see subjects from different angles.

You (and others) shoot spatial photos using your phone and techniques like Gaussian Splats and NeRFs – available through a number of apps and online software resources – and you can transmit them to the Go via Wi-Fi.

There are also AI apps (powered by ChatGPT) that can convert existing 2D images into 3D versions, which you can also view on the display.

It has the "highest pixel density of any holographic display ever made", claims the company (via The Verge). It is also super thin, so will look good on a desktop.

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(Image credit: Looking Glass)

And, with Apple adding 3D photo shooting capabilities to its latest iPhone range, you won't even need an Apple Vision Pro to view them on.

It's a really neat-looking bit of tech that would previously cost the Earth, but Looking Glass will be selling its Go display for $300 on release. However, it's even knocked the price down to just $199 for the early bird phase of crowd-funding on Kickstarter.

That only lasts for today, 6 December 2023, so you'll have to be quick.

Indeed, after just a day and a bit of the Kickstarter project starting, the Looking Glass Go has been backed to the tune of more than quarter of a million dollars, smashing its goal of $50K.

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(Image credit: Looking Glass)

Looking Glass says that it'll start to ship devices in June next year.

Other bundles that are available include a pack of the Go with a battery pack, carrying case and USB-C cable, all for $249.

The display will be shipped anywhere in the world, so you can pre-order / back it no matter whether you are in the US, UK or another country.

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