Long-teased Peloton Guide is finally available to the public

Peloton's "very first dedicated strength product" just became available in the US, Canada, UK and Australia

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Peloton's most accessibly-priced product, the Peloton Guide, is finally available to buy after months of teasing. 

The Guide incorporates a motion-tracking camera that recognises and evaluates your movements using a machine-learning algorithm. You need to connect the camera to a smart TV and access the Peloton App.

Peloton says the Guide is designed to help Members build muscle and get strong at home. Of course, there will be plenty of dedicated Peloton Guide classes soon, with the first ones rolling out on 11 April.

Some of these new classes utilise extras such as the Peloton-branded yoga mat and dumbbells, available as part of the more expensive Peloton guide bundle.

Peloton Guide: Price and release date

Peloton Guide is available now at Peloton starting at $295 USD / £275 GBP/ $395 CAD / $445 AUD (camera-only) with financing available for eligible customers. Existing Peloton All Access Members will be able to add Guide to their Membership at no cost.

New, Guide-only Members will receive introductory pricing to the All-Access Membership for $24 USD / £24 GBP / $30 CAD / $35 AUD a month to access Peloton’s live and on-demand library. The introductory pricing for the All Access Membership is available through 2022 and will roll over to the standard All-Access Membership price of $39 a month in January 2023.

(This offer is not available for Members with a Peloton Bike or Peloton Tread)

What is the Peloton Guide?

The Peloton Guide is a motion-sensing camera that uses machine learning to recognise and evaluate your movement as you work out. The system is connected to the Peloton App and knows what exercises you should be doing. Based on this, the Guide evaluates your form and performance. 

As Peloton explains, "The Movement Tracker encourages members to stick with the movement for the entire time. Body Activity helps them recognise which muscle groups they've already worked that week while recommending classes for a well-rounded total-body routine to ensure no more skipping leg day."

The Peloton Guide also has a so-called Self Mode where you can see yourself next to the Instructor and check your form as you go through the class. This is as close as it gets to doing in-person classes without the fear of getting infected with whatever germs the others are carrying.

With this launch comes new programs and class formats created explicitly for Peloton Guide:

  • Floor Bootcamp – Instructors Jess Sims and Selena Samuela bring together HIIT cardio and strength. The 12-class program is specifically designed to help people get stronger and increase endurance. The classes feature the optional Peloton dumbbells and a yoga mat, or you can use your own. Exclusive to Guide for seven weeks and coming April 11.
  • Split Programs – A more traditional style of strength training with the option to use heavier weight and the intent to build muscle. The three and five day intermediate and advanced classes will be led by Robin Arzon, Callie Gullickson, Matty Maggiacomo, and Adrian Williams, that will train specific musical groups on consecutive days while resting the areas you just trained. Exclusive to Guide for seven weeks and coming April 18. 
  • Strength Roll Call – These are live classes featuring popular Peloton Instructors, running from Monday to Friday. Everyone who is a Peloton Member can take these classes live, and on-demand, but only Members using the Peloton Guide will have access to the Strength Roll Call program.

For more info on the Guide, visit Peloton today.

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