Logitech's new AI-powered headset sounds perfect for hybrid work

Make things sound better on both ends

Logitech Wireless Zone 2
(Image credit: Logitech)

It's not just your brain that gets put through its paces at work everyday, your ears do too. We put them through audio assaults when working both at home and in the office, but Logitech's new headset aims to use AI to make everything easy listening. 

The Logitech Zone 2 Wireless headset has a unique AI-powered take on noise cancelling that makes it stand out from the crowd, or rather, turns the crowd down. Using Logtech's own Logi Tune software, it not only reduces background noise on the user's end but also any intrusive sounds on the other end of a call, whatever they're using. This feature, dubbed Advanced Call Clarity uses advanced beamforming technology to capture to create a two-way noise suppression system. It does also have a transparency mode for when you need to tune in to the real world.   

As well as this unique technology, the Zone 2 Wireless has an impressive specs sheet with multipoint Bluetooth connectivity to switch between different device and Smart Enumeration. "What's that?" I hear you ask. Well, Logitech describes it as solving "the problem users often experience when they leave their computer, lose connection, then return to a setup that appears to be audio-connected but isn’t." a bit niche but handy nonetheless.

With a pricetag of £299/£249 it sounds a pretty expensive prospect but considering you'll be wearing them five days a week it's worth investing in your setup. With up to 40 hours of listening time and the ability to get an hour of use from just five minutes of charging, it's surely only a matter of time before the Zone 2's come to an office or coffee shop near you.

If you're going for the perfect home office setup, you could even Combine the Zone 2 with Logitech's WFH camera for a the ultimate video call experience. Your clients and co-workers will thank you. On the other hand, if you want something for work and play try one of the best gaming headsets.

Andy Sansom
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