Logitech Reach camera sounds like a WFH game-changer

No more webcam woe

Logitech Reach camera
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If you've ever had a remote school lesson, university class or work meeting, you'll know that unless you have one of the best webcams you shouldn't even bother trying to show any physical media like notes or teaching aides on camera. 

It just doesn't really work, objects end up either out of focus or out of frame too easily. Worse still, if you're using an integrated webcam, you might have to pick up your computer to film. Luckily it looks like Logitech has the answer. 

The Logitech Reach Camera is an articulated camera (which I think resembles the Pixar lamp) launching today that the company describes as helping users to "stay in the flow while sharing non-digital content during in-person presentations, classes, conference calls, and streams." 

Building on the five-star Logitech Streamcam the Reach offers 1080p 60fps video with autofocus and 4.3x lossless zoom. Being able to articulate the camera both horizontally and vertically makes it easy to manipulate it into the perfect position to film documents on your desk, write down maths equations or demonstrate a cooking technique on your kitchen counter. Best of all, whichever way you orient the camera, the image will always be the right way up thanks to guidance indicators. 

Logitech reach

(Image credit: Logitech)

While you might feel like a movie director using the Reach Camera, it won't require long to set up, offering a plug-and-play USB connection and compatibility with most video conferencing services. If space is an issue don't worry, you don't need to find room for the base on your desk and instead use the edge clamp to attach it handily to the edge. 

Even though the terrors of 2020 and 2021 are (mostly) gone, working from home is of course here to stay. Products like this are a great way to outfit your home office and circumvent needing to meet in person or help streamers and content creators get more than just a face cam view.

Of course, streaming video also requires a strong and reliable internet connection, you might want to check out the best wireless routers to make the most of your wifi setup.

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