Limited edition Paul Smith x Braun collab makes me want to ditch my smartwatch

Only 100 of each Braun + Paul Smith Swiss watch design have been made

Braun + Paul Smith Swiss watch collection
(Image credit: Braun)

Braun has once more collaborated with fashion brand Paul Smith to create a pair of classically styled, understated limited edition timepieces.

Based on the Braun BN0279, the watches feature Paul Smith branding and its trademark striping, but only on the second hand. They also feature Swiss-made automatics for accurate timekeeping.

One (the BN0279PSSLBKG) has a 40mm stainless steel case, black dial and a rubber strap. It features the Paul Smith logo in the middle-left of the face, with a separate, dedicated second analogue watch in the centre.

The only other distinguishing feature is a date read out on the right-hand side.

Other features include 5ATM water resistance and scratch-resistant sapphire glass. There is also glass on the rear to show the movement, plus engraving to demonstrate which number in the limited run you own.

The other model (the BN0279PSGNBKG) has the same size stainless steel casing, at 40mm, although it features a gunmetal colouring.

It too has a Swiss-made automatic movement, but with a dedicated second hand rather than separate, smaller analogue watch. The date read out is in the same place, although the Paul Smith branding appears bottom-centre this time.

The strap is once again made of rubber, while the same sapphire glass is used, with an exposed rear and numbered engraving.

It too is 5ATM water resistant.

Both of the Braun + Paul Smith BN0279 watches are in limited supply, with only 100 of each made. I'd also happily swap my Apple Watch Ultra 2 for either on a night out, especially when suited and booted – even though neither offers any smart connectivity.

As noted by Watchpro, they exhibit both German precision and British charm in equal measure.

The Braun + Paul Smith BN0279 Swiss-made watches cost £750 / $950 apiece.

They are available to order from and Braun's own website, with shipping expected to start on 4 December 2023.

The regular Braun BN0279 is also available in similar colourways without the Paul Smith branding. It's the same price.

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