Light reading: Grab a Kindle for the lowest-ever price this Prime Day

A record-low price for Amazon's Kindle is a tempting offer

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Fifteen years ago, storing thousands of books in the palm of your hand would have felt like something from Star Trek but now Kindles are so popular and ingrained in the way we consume books that you can get one for just £59.99 this Prime Day. That's the cheapest we've ever seen them.

As Kindle is an Amazon product, we expected to see plenty of Prime Day Kindle deals but it feels like we've fallen through the looking glass. As well as the lightest Kindle for £59.99, there're deals on pretty much every Kindle model, including the top-of-the-range Kindle Scribe.

But don't judge a book (or a Kindle) by its cover, the entry-level Kindle offers a lot for its now even smaller price tag.  These include a 300 ppi hi-res 6-inch display that staves off glare effortlessly and resembles real-life paper.

This 2022 iteration of the Kindle also comes with 16GB of storage, twice previous models and more than enough for a library of titles from the Kindle store. This model is also the lightest and smallest kindle so much easier to carry around for a cheeky chapter than its bigger brothers. Kindles also all have a massive battery life measured in weeks rather than hours so you won't have to charge up to find out the Butler did it. 

Kindle (2022): was £84.99 now £59.99 on Amazon

Kindle (2022): was £84.99 now £59.99 on Amazon
This may be the smallest Kindle but good things come in small packages remember. Read thousands of books on one device with a paper-like screen that's easy on the eyes and ample battery life. 

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