LG's awesome rollable OLED TV comes to the UK: price and release date revealed

The LG Signature OLED might be the world's coolest TV, as long as you don't think about the price

(Image credit: LG)

LG has announced that its 'rollable' OLED TV is finally coming to the UK, having launched in other parts of the world last year. The LG Signature OLED R uses a flexible panel that literally rolls itself up into its own soundbar base when not in use, and then rises majestically from nowhere when you want to watch something.

The LG OLED R TV is available in one size – 65 inches – and costs a mere £99,999. Yes, that is the correct number of nines. Turns out it's quite hard to make a TV that disappears into a small cuboid.

For those who can spare almost six figures for some seriously space-age tech, the TV is available today, at LG's site – though the actual link to order wasn't available at the time of writing.

Ignoring the price for a second (it takes effort, but you can do it), we're so pleased to see this extremely cool TV finally make it into people's hands in the UK. The 4K OLED panel and LG image processing are very similar to its other sets, which rank highly among the best OLED TVs.

LG has been showing it off at trade shows for a little while, and seeing the screen rise from nowhere never gets old (at least, in our experience, but we admittedly haven't lived with one).


(Image credit: LG)

The screen has two different heights – the full height for watching things, and 'Line View', where only a sliver is visible. This is for when you use the powerful built-in sound system to play music or something like that – the screen just shows what you need to see about what's currently playing.

It's a design showpiece for LG, and it's one of those things that just makes us happy it's available, even if the price means it's unlikely to wrestle its way into our list of the world's best TVs (or into 99.99% of people's homes).

If you would like to see some more practically priced sets (none of which rolls, unless are you prepared to seriously void your warranty), try our lists of the best TVs under £1000 and best TVs under £500.

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