LG M3 Wireless OLED TV price finally revealed

Ahead of its September launch we now know how much the stunning new 4K 120Hz wireless OLED will cost

LG M3 OLED wireless TV
(Image credit: LG)

At this year’s CES show in Las Vegas, LG unveiled some rather impressive TVs but one of the highlights was definitely the LG M3. This takes the incredible performance of the also-revealed LG G3 display and makes the whole thing wireless using its Zero Connect Technology. 

This tech allows the TV to be wire-free, apart from a single power lead. All other connections attach directly to the Zero Connect Box, which can be placed anywhere in your room, and then transmitted wirelessly to the TV. 

This means that you can keep your TV looking clutter-free, even if it’s wall-mounted – no need for a stealthy installation. The box includes 3x 4K 120Hz HDMI ports, 2x USB ports and optical connections. 

To receive its sound and picture the M3 uses the less common 60GHz bandwidth, to avoid interference, and can switch to other channels automatically if needed. The signal is visually lossless, and with less than 5ms latency, meaning it can even be used for gaming. 

LG M3 OLED wireless TV

(Image credit: LG)
  • LG M3 OLED 77 inch: £5,999.99 / $5,999.99
  • LG M3 OLED 83 inch: £7,999.99 / $7,999.99
  • LG M3 OLED 97 inch: £27,999.99 / $29,999.99

This is the world’s first 4K 120Hz wireless OLED TV and so we were expecting it to cost rather a lot more than the G3 model upon arrival in September. In fact, though, the difference isn’t as much as you’d expect. 

According to LG, the smallest size, which is 77-inches, will cost £5,999 in the UK. The 83-inch model will be £7,999, while the ginormous 97-inch model will be a cool £27,999. While there is no 97-inch model in the G3 series, the 77-inch M3 is £1,000 more and the 83-inch and just £500 more than the G3 equivalents. If I was looking for an 83-inch TV, an extra £500 for a completely wireless solution would definitely be worth the money. 

In the USA the LG M3 OLED's pricing follows a similar pattern, costing $4,999 for the 77-inch, $7,999 for the 83-inch, and a massive $29,999 for the 97-inch model. Considering it already sounds like one of the best OLED TVs of 2023 – and here's LG's 2023 range top to bottom if you want to know more – the pricing isn't as out-of-whack as you might've expected (the 97-incher aside, of course). 

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