Lego Black Friday deals! Save up to 41% at Amazon

Get big Black Friday discounts on LEGO Technic, Star Wars, Architecture and more

Lego Technic Car Transporter
(Image credit: LEGO)

Amazon has unveiled a collection of great LEGO Black Friday deals, and some of the savings are huge. There’s 41% off the Hidden Side Newbury Haunted High School, saving you £45; 38% off the Technic Car Transporter, a saving of £52.90; 40% off the Technic CONTROL+ app-controlled Top Gear Rally Car, a saving of £50; and similarly deep discounts on everything from architectural models to pictures of the Beatles (made of Lego).

We’re really pleased to see these deals because while we love LEGO very much, some of the sets are usually quite expensive – so for example a Black Friday LEGO Technic deal that drops a set from nearly £125 to under £75 is very welcome indeed. 

This year’s deals are slightly different from previous Black Friday LEGO deals: we’re seeing discounts on the LEGO Architecture series, which wasn’t really discounted last year. But all the favourites are getting discounted too, such as LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Technic. Whether you’re buying for your family or for yourself, everything is awesome this Black Friday. Yes, we went there.

LEGO 70425 Hidden Side Newbury Haunted High School | Was £109.99 | Now £64.89 | Save £45.10 at Amazon 
This fun model from LEGO’s spooky Hidden Side doesn’t just deliver a cool building project. It offers an augmented reality experience with ghosts! Moving your iOS or Android phone around reveals an ever-changing environment as the school changes from normal to haunted. This Black Friday deal takes a whopping 41% off the price. View Deal

LEGO 42109 Technic Control+ Top Gear Rally Car | Was £124.99 | Now £74.99 | Save £50.00 at Amazon
What’s better than a LEGO rally car? A LEGO rally car you can control with an app. This brilliant rally racer is controlled via The Lego Technic CONTROL+ app and enables you to accelerate, reverse, steer, brake and play sound effects thanks to its advanced Smart Hub and motors. This one’s for age 9 and older. View Deal

LEGO 42098 Technic Car Transporter | Was £139.99 | Now £87.09 | Save £52.90 at Amazon

With 38% off the usual price this 2-in-1 LEGO Technic set is a brilliant buy. Not only do you build the car transporter, but you also build the car it transports – a car with working steering and a V8 piston engine. The transporter has adjustable car decks, vehicle locks and a tilting driver’s cab.

LEGO 7253 Star Wars BOOST Droid Commander 3x robot toys | Was £179.99 | Now £110.99 | Save £69 at Amazon
These are the droids you're looking for. There’s a huge swing on this 3-in-1 LEGO Star Wars set: a saving of £69, which is 38% off the normal price. You get a lot of LEGO for your money, with three different droids to make – and these droids are proper robots, controllable via the drag-and-drop BOOST coding app and the Bluetooth-controlled Move Hub. With over 40 missions to complete and all kinds of models to make there’s lots to explore.

LEGO 21052 Architecture Dubai Model | Was £54.99 | Now £49.00 | Save £5.99 at Amazon
Dubai’s sci-fi skyline is a dream for model builders, so this LEGO Architecture kit is going to have lots of fans. It features some of Dubai’s most iconic buildings: the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Fountain, The Jumeriah Emirates Towers Hotel, the Burj Al Arab Jumeriah Hotel and the Dubai Frame. It’s a fun project to build and a great conversation piece when finished.

LEGO 31198 Art: The Beatles Collectors Poster | Was £114.99 | Now £75.99 | Save £39.99 at Amazon
This excellent Art project recreates one of the most iconic posters of The Beatles in brick form, enabling you to create a stunning mosaic of the Fab Four. It doesn’t just show you the Beatles: it enables you to listen to them too, and the set includes 9 canvas wall decor plates, a Beatles signature tile, a brick-built LEGO frame and a new hanging element and piece separator – all for 34% off the usual price. That’s something to, ahem, Twist and Shout about.

LEGO 42097 Technic Compact Crawler Crane and Tower Crane | Was £79.99 | Now £60.99 | Save £19.00 at Amazon
LEGO Technic 2-in-1 kits are great value for money, and they’re better still with 24% off – like this Crawler Crane and Tower Crane construction set. This is a really good set for people who are new to the Technic range: while there’s enough complexity here for experienced builders it’s a fun challenge for newcomers too.View Deal

LEGO 21046 Architecture Empire State Building Model | Was £89.99 | Now £80.90 | Save £9.09 at Amazon
Is there a more iconic building than the Empire State Building? This excellent LEGO Architecture replica is a highly detailed model of New York’s famous skyscraper, and it comes complete with a tiled baseplate depicting Fifth Avenue and the surrounding roads. And of course, it includes some yellow cabs. The finished model stands 55cm high and consists of 1,760 pieces.

If you’re not up to speed with LEGO’s dizzying array of products, they’re grouped into a range of themes. As the name suggests, Architecture is about models of buildings such as the Empire State Building; Star Wars needs no explanation; Ideas are made to be shared with the LEGO community and Technic is for more advanced building: it was originally called Expert Builder when it first launched in the 1970s. The most advanced LEGO brand is Mindstorms, which combines LEGO modularity with sensors and motors to create interesting, controllable vehicles and robots.

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