Learn to sound just like R2-D2 with these awesome Star Wars voice changers

Funky little masks detect your voice and translate it into droidspeech

Okay, it doesn't quite translate your voice (otherwise we would have asked for one that speaks Bocce), but these new masks from Canadian AE Innovations do register the sound and vibration of your actual voice and emits an Astromech-style string of whistle, beeps and snorts.

Looking to build the ultimate droid cosplay? This might be just the game-changing accessory for you. Each helmet has an inbuilt throat mic fitted at the bottom that detects your normal speaking voice and replaces it with a R2-D2-esque monologue. And while it may sound like a bunch of unintelligible beeps to anyone stood nearby, if you happen to be wearing another one of the masks you'll be able to hear what the other user actually said thanks to a speaker and transmitter that essentially work like walkie-talkies.

The team have only designed a series of prototypes based on R2's look and sound, but we bet they'd receive a lot more attention if there was a super cute BB-8 version doing the rounds. They've even posted all their designs and audio files on Hackster (the online community for would-be engineers and hardware builders), should you want to recreate your own/turn your brain to jelly.

Via: Hackster

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