KitchenAid’s new Go Cordless appliances use one battery to power them all

KitchenAid expands its Go Cordless range with six new appliances

KitchenAid Go Cordless
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KitchenAid has added to its Go Cordless with six new kitchen appliances. Featuring two different blenders, choppers, mixers, grinders and a kitchen vacuum, the entire KitchenAid Go Cordless range is powered by one rechargeable battery.

The new KitchenAid Go Cordless products are available to buy now at KitchenAid with prices starting at £149.

KitchenAid has expanded its Go Cordless range with not one, not two, but six new kitchen appliances. Included in the collection are new blenders, mixers and choppers, all of which are powered by one removable and rechargeable 12V max battery.

While KitchenAid is arguably best known for its stunning range of the best stand mixers, the brand has expanded into small and large appliances for every aspect of the kitchen. As cordless devices have become increasingly popular, KitchenAid developed Go Cordless, portable kitchen tools for all your cooking, baking and meal prepping jobs without the need for plugs or cords.

More recently, KitchenAid has added to its Go Cordless range with a new Hand Mixer, Hand Blender, Personal Blender, Food Chopper, Coffee Grinder and Kitchen Vacuum. To use them, all the appliances are powered by one battery that can be removed from one device and attached to another.

The Go Battery from KitchenAid is a 12-Volt MAX battery that powers the full KitchenAid Go Cordless System. It’s rechargeable and comes with a USB-C charging cable that takes roughly three hours to fully charge the battery.

I really like the concept of the KitchenAid Go Cordless range. I’ve tried a fair few cordless appliances, and remembering to charge them and keeping track of all the different cords and cables to do so can be a bit of a headache. But with the KitchenAid Go Cordless System, having the one battery for multiple products sounds much more appealing… and a lot less faff!

The three standout appliances from the new KitchenAid Go Cordless range are the Personal Blender, the Coffee Grinder and the Kitchen Vacuum. As smaller and cordless blenders are in high demand, the KitchenAid Go Cordless Personal Blender has a 473ml capacity, asymmetric four-angled blades and a powerful motor to easily blend fruit, crush ice and pulse ingredients.

The KitchenAid Go Cordless Coffee Grinder is designed to up your coffee game, as its one-touch controls and stainless steel blade can easily grind whole coffee beans for up to 12 cups at a time. Finally, for easy clean-up, the KitchenAid Go Cordless Kitchen Vacuum is sleek, compact and easily tidies up messes in hard-to-reach areas. It also comes with a 2-in-1 reversible attachment that can be used as a suction tool or scraping tool.

For those wanting to invest in the Go Cordless collection, you can buy one appliance with the battery for £170 and then choose extra appliances without one for £149 each. A spare battery is also available to purchase on the KitchenAid website.

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