Katie Price launches custom range of Apple iPods

Model Jordan gives you a chance to Touch her Apples

Jordan give the iPod a glamour makeover

Glamour model Katie Price, aka Jordan, has announced she is to release her own range of custom designed iPods for fans who have longed to get their hands on her Apples.

Not known for her subtlety or taste, Price unveiled the range of custom iPods that she will sell exclusively through the official Katie Price website dressed in a silver spandex suit with iPod headband. Designed by the women herself in conjunction with design company CRi-8, the custom iPods will come decorated in the usual mix of girly, glittery tat with butterflies, stars and hearts laser carved in to the formerly sleek and stylish body of the Apple PMP.

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Speaking at the launch of her range of blinged-up iPods, Katie Price said: “I'm really excited about my iPod range and love the way they have turned out. Being involved in the design process was fantastic and really gave me the opportunity to develop and create exactly what I wanted. Hopefully this is just the beginning and you will be seeing more from my Boutique range.”

With a standard8GB iPod Touch costing just £150, those looking to get their hands on a similar model that has received the classy Jordan treatment will be forced to pay over the odds, £237 to be precise. At that price you just have to hope and pray that the glamour model has been kind enough not to pre-load the devices with her own songs.

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