Kärcher pressure washer price cut down to £58.29 in the Amazon Black Friday sale

Kärcher pressure washers are available for cheap right now in Amazon's Black Friday sale

Kärcher pressure washer Amazon Black Friday sale
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T3 spends each year testing and rating the best pressure washers, which is why we know that Kärcher makes the quality systems.

Indeed, we rate Kärcher pressure washers so much that they occupy the top four positions in our guide right now. Seriously, no other brand comes close.

Which is why we were very pleased to see that many of Kärcher's best pressure washers are discounted right now in the Black Friday sales.

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There's discounts available pretty much across the Kärcher pressure washer range, but the price cuts on its more entry level units are what stick out to us here at T3, as they will be perfect for most people's cleaning needs.

These offers are some of the best Black Friday deals available this year in our opinion, and here are T3's curated top picks.

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Kärcher K2 Compact Pressure Washer: was £69, now £58.29 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
The compact K2 pressure washer from Kärcher is perfect for cleaning vehicles, like cars and motorbikes, as well as cycles, garden furniture and garage doors. If you want to blast patios then something more powerful would be ideal, but for most washing duties this model is more than enough. Now £58.29 at Amazon.

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Kärcher K3 Home Pressure Washer: was £139.99, now £89 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
A step-up from the K2 above in terms of power and accessories, the Kärcher K3 comes not only with a Vario lancer and Dirt blaster for cleaning delicate surfaces like cars, but also a T 150 Patio Cleaner accessory and 500ml Patio and Deck detergent bottle, too. If you've got a patio then this is a great, affordable pressure washer choice.

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Kärcher K4 Compact Pressure Washer: was £199.99, now £155.52 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
If you're not fussed about cleaning patios or decking, but do have lots of vehicles or exterior elements like windows, doors and fencing that needs washing, then the Kärcher K4 Compact is a great fit. It has a maximum flow rate of 420 l/h and features both a Vario and Dirt blaster lance.

If you like the idea of a Kärcher pressure washer but feel you need a more powerful model, then we consider the Kärcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer to be the number one model on the market today.

We gave the K4 a maximum score of 5 stars on review and said that it was "a simply fantastic piece of kit, and ensures you'll never be left wanting in terms of washing needs."

To see today's best price on the Kärcher K4 be sure to check out the below pricing chart.

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