Kärcher K4 vs. Kärcher K2: which pressure washer is right for you?

Finding the right pressure washer for you is important, so we've compared the fantastic Kärcher K4 and Kärcher K2

Karcher K2 vs Karcher K4
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From cleaning filthy drive ways and decking, to sprucing up guttering, masonry and windows, and onto getting automobiles and cycles looking brand new, owning one of best pressure washers makes a lot of sense.

Pressure washers give you the power and flexibility to clean basically anything outdoors far better and with a lot less effort. Hoses are good, as too a sponge and bucket, but to really take your cleaning to the next level you need a motor and a spray lance.

Now that we're coming out of summer into autumn and then winter, cleaning your house and vehicle will become a far more regular occurrence, so buying a pressure washer now makes perfect sense.

In our testing, one brand clearly stood out: Kärcher, founded in Germany, makes some of the best and most reliable pressure washes on the market, from the high-end Kärcher K7 to the fantastic mid-range Kärcher K4 to the budget Kärcher K2 and everything in between. Other brands exist, of course, but Kärcher is the most consistent in our testing.

T3 has spent hours testing a range of different garden equipment to find the best pressure washers, the best cordless lawnmowers, the best garden hose, and many more. With spring finally here, there's never been a better time to invest in – or upgrade – your garden hardware. 

Let's jump into our Kärcher K4 vs. Kärcher K2 best pressure washer comparison. 

Karcher K4

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Kärcher K4 vs. Kärcher K2: which has more power?

The first thing we need to say is that if you know for certain that you need loads and loads of power, the Kärcher K7 is the machine for you, offering 180 bar of pressure at its peak, easily powerful enough to strip away even tough dirt. For less intensive tasks, though, the K2 and K4 will be plenty powerful. 

The K4 offers 130 bar of pressure at its most powerful while the K2 offers 110 bar, both of which are respectable offerings. The K4 is rated as having a maximum flow rate of 420 while the K2 has a flow rate of 360 at its peak. 

Both of these will be comfortably capable of cleaning most surfaces and will work well in more delicate areas, like older cars or nice paving. 

Karcher K2

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Kärcher K4 vs. Kärcher K2: portability and hoses

For most people, being able to actually move the pressure washer around is really important; there's no point getting something so big and powerful that you spend your days hefting it from location to location. 

The K4 and K2 are ideal for situations where you need portability: the K4 weighs in at a very respectable 11.4kg without accessories while the K2 comes in at 4.3kg. There's also a compact version of the K2 that weighs just 3.7kg, if that's your thing.

Both the K2 and K4 come with 6 meter hoses as standard and both lack built-in hose reels, something the K7 includes. 

Kärcher K4 vs Kärcher K7

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Kärcher K4 vs. Kärcher K2: the winner is...

The differences between the Kärcher K4 and Kärcher K2 are fairly small: both are available for good prices, both have decent water pressure, the same length of hose, a huge variety of attachments and accessories, and so on. 

Of the two, we recommend the K4 if you can spare the extra cash just because it's a more comprehensive machine but there is absolutely nothing wrong with the K2. If you can find a good deal on either, you won't be making a mistake.

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