Jura’s new J8 Twin combines two coffee machines in one premium bean to cup maker

Jura’s new bean to cup coffee machines gives you more drink options than ever before

JURA J8 Twin
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JURA has unveiled its latest premium bean to cup coffee machine, the JURA J8 Twin. Described as two coffee machines in one, the new coffee maker offers endless customisation options, Sweet Foam technology and multiple grinders for different bean varieties.

The JURA J8 Twin is available to buy now for £2,100.

For fans of the original JURA J8, the automatic bean to cup coffee machine has just got a whole lot better. The new JURA J8 Twin is a combination of two coffee machines in one, thanks to its dual adjustable grinders, giving you complete control over your coffee making.

Known for its premium collection of the best bean to cup coffee machines, JURA has added to its popular J line with the new JURA J8 Twin. Similar in style to its predecessor, the JURA J8 Twin doubles up on its design with two bean hoppers and grinders situated at the top of the coffee machine.

With the ability to hold and grind two different bean varieties, the individual P.A.G.3+ conical grinders can be customised by fineness and grind level, so you’re getting the freshest coffee every time. The two types can also be pure or blended together for a unique speciality coffee, plus the grinders have an aroma control function that actively monitors the consistency of the grind.

For those who prefer to let the coffee machine do all the work, the JURA J8 Twin comes with 31 different drink options to choose from. Each drink can be customised by strength and flavour to better suit your palette, all of which can be chosen by the touchscreen display at the front of the machine.

Speaking of the display, the Panorama Coffee Panel (great name!) is easy to navigate, whether you’re a bean to cup beginner or coffee aficionado. From advising you on the right grind and selecting your coffee of choice to cleaning and maintenance, the JURA J8 Twin’s control panel takes you through every step of the process.

JURA J8 Twin on a white background

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For milky beverages like lattes and cappuccinos, the JURA J8 Twin has a milk frother built into its machine which has a Sweet Foam Function. Not only can you adjust the flavour of your coffee, but with its Sweet Foam technology, the JURA J8 Twin can also adjust the sweetness and intensity of your milk foam.

With its many features and functionalities, it’s unsurprising that the JURA J8 Twin is quite a bulky machine. While its black and silver colourway and sleek lines give it an attractive design, it’ll take up a lot of countertop space, but if you’re in the market for a bean to cup coffee machine, it’s a good looking gadget that’ll suit most kitchens.

The JURA J8 Twin is available to buy now on the JURA website for £2,100.

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