Jaw-dropping iPhone 12 phone deal – FREE upfront, UNLIMITED data, £39 pm

This iPhone 12 phone deal is the best we've seen to date

iPhone 12 phone deal
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T3 is constantly tracking the very best phone deals, which is why we've discovered this simply superb Apple iPhone 12 phone deal over at Fonehouse.

We rate the deal so highly because it combines all the things we look for when phone deal hunting – cheap or free hardware, excellent allowance-stuffed SIM plan, and a low monthly price.

This deal delivers it all, with the Apple iPhone 12 5G 64GB delivered free upfront and along with an unlimited data, calls and texts SIM plan from Three that costs only £39 per month.

In addition, as the bundled SIM plan is from Three, this package also comes with Three's Go Roam feature, which means you can use all the allowances in 71 countries worldwide for free.

The SIM also delivers 5G data, too, so if you live in an area with a 5G network then you can say hello to the future of lightning fast, low-latency data connections as well.

Simply put, it's a brilliant iPhone 12 deal, and its full details can be viewed below:

Apple iPhone 12 5G 64GB | Upfront cost: Free | Unlimited data, calls and texts | Three | 24 months | Monthly cost: £39
Star Deal

Apple iPhone 12 5G 64GB | Upfront cost: Free | Unlimited data, calls and texts | Three | 24 months | Monthly cost: £39
Now this is simply the best iPhone 12 phone deal we've seen to date. That's because it bags you the Apple iPhone 12 5G 64GB in your choice of colour for nothing upfront along with an unlimited everything SIM plan from Three that costs just £39 per month. That's one of the world's absolute best phones for free along with a allowance anxiety-free unlimited everything SIM plan from one of the UKs very best networks.

In T3's Apple iPhone 12 review we said that the phone was "excellent in almost every way", praising its "fantastic HDR screen", "high-quality camera system" and "powerful innards" with "future-proofed 5G". We concluded that the "iPhone 12 is the ideal iPhone for most people".

And that's why this deal is so easy to recommend – it places that quality handset in your hand for nothing, and then pairs it with a SIM plan that delivers everything any user could wish for. Unlimited data, calls and texts. And it does it for a very affordable £39 per month. That's simply great value.

To see how this deal compares to the rest on the market, though, then check out the below pricing chart, which shows today's best offers from all of the UK's top retailers and networks.

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