Japan's new LED basketball court looks like a rave set in the world of Tron

Imagine how good that halftime show is going to be

Japan has always been known as a nation that a) loves its sports with an obsessive passion for it that puts the rest of the world to shame and b) the home of some of the craziest and most exciting technological advances. So of course the first pro-level, LED basketball court is a Japanese thing.

The court, which is now in use in Japan's Pro League, has a surface entirely built from LED panels, enabling its creators to show off sponsor logos, score updates and more at the touch of a button. Originally reported by Japanese news station Kyodo News, the court is creating quite a stir on home soil.

The court was shown off in professional league play for the first time this week at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo (a sports arena already famous for its unusual suspension-style roof), with the Alvark Tokyo and the Ryukyu Golden Kings.

It's absolutely insane to see in action - seeing one side of the court like up with graphics as a player scores looks like the kind of thing you'd see in a virtual game of NBA 2K17.

This technically isn't the first time we've seen a court with LED panels for flooring either. Last month, Nike built a temporary one in Shanghai for its RISE 'House of Mamba' showcase in 2014 (see it in action in the video below) and it looked equally insane.

The only difference being the one in Tokyo is the first to be used in professional level tournaments rather than a exhibition match and skils sessions. Either way, it looks a-maze-ing. And it's got pyro. Of course, it's got pyro.

Via: Kotaku

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