The Jaguar I-PACE has a 298 mile range and is now available to pre-order

The production version of Jaguar's first electric car has just been unveiled – get all the official information here

It was over a year ago, in Los Angeles, when T3 first saw the I-PACE concept. Since then Jaguar has been busy finalising the design of this all-electric SUV and testing it in some of the world’s harshest conditions. The production model has just been unveiled during a livestreamed launch event, and it looks incredible.

The I-PACE draws inspiration from Jaguar’s ambitious C-X75 supercar. It looks futuristic and striking, but still maintains a number a Jaguar design traits.

The EV has a drag coefficient of just 0.29Cd, and to optimise the balance between cooling and aerodynamics, Active Vanes in the grille open when cooling is required, but close when not needed to redirect air through the integral bonnet scoop, smoothing airflow. 

The new EV architecture, which has been built from the ground up by Jaguar, minimises the cars footprint on the road while maximising space for passengers.

Check out the interior below:

The cabin, called the 'Flight Deck' is a luxurious place to be, with sophisticated materials (such as the eco-friendly Kvadrat) and exquisite attention to detail.

There's plenty of technology inside the car as well, with the main focus around the new Touch Pro Duo system. 

The new infotainment uses a combination of touchscreens, capacitive sensors and tactile physical controls, to make it intuitive to use.

There's also plenty of technology to ensure the car makes the most of its available charge, with a new EV navigation system which assesses the topography of the route to destination and insights from previous journeys, including driving style, to calculate personalised range and charging status with exceptional accuracy for maximum driver confidence. 

This is personalised to the driver, so will be different when you're driving, compared to when your partner or child is driving.

Power comes from two Jaguar-designed electric motors placed at each axle, producing a combined performance of 400PS and 696Nm.

Those two motors launch the I-PACE from a standing start to 60mph in just 4.5s. 

It's not just fast in a straight line, either, the EV has a light, stiff body structure, torsional rigidity of 36kNm/degrees, perfect 50:50 weight distribution and a low centre of gravity to ensure engaging driving dynamics, agile handling and a comfortable ride. 

Keeping everything switched on and moving is a 90kWh Lithium-ion battery. This will give the I-PACE a range of up to 298 miles (WLTP cycle). 

Owners will be able to achieve a 0-80 percent battery charge in 85-minutes using DC charging (50kW), but the car will also be fully compatible with DC Rapid Chargers (100kW) as the technology is rolled out across the UK, which will enable a 0-80 percent charge in just 40 minutes. 

With an new Amazon Alexa Skill, you'll be able to ask Echo devices questions like "What is my charge status?" or "Do I have enough range to get to work?". 

What's really interesting is a suite of smart range-optimising technologies will be included, such as battery pre-conditioning system. Jaguar will provide an eight-year / 100,000 mile battery warranty to give you piece of mind.

How much will it cost?

The Jaguar I-PACE is available to order now, priced from £63,495 in the UK (excluding government incentives).

But, with zero tailpipe emissions, you'll also be eligible for free road tax, reduced tolls, and even zero congestion charge. Making the I-PACE considerably cheaper to run than ICE cars, especially in cities.

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