It's Wellness Week on T3, in association with Fit&Well and Wiggle!

Winter is coming, so here's a week of fitness and wellness stories to get you in great physical and mental shape

Wellness Week
(Image credit: Aftershokz) has long brought you stories on fitness and wellness tech and equipment, as well as tips on what to do with it to make the most of life. What you may not be aware is that we have a sister site – Fit&Well. Launched earlier this year, Fit&Well is devoted to nothing but fitness and wellness. It's a site for anyone who wants healthier, happier living. And who doesn't want that?

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This week, it feels like we are moving properly into winter, or at least autumn. This can be a difficult time, in what's been a rather trying year already. 

To help you meet the challenge of colder weather and darker mornings, we've teamed up with Fit&Well and Wiggle, the UK's number one destination for making fitness and exploring the outdoors fun. We'll be bringing you more fitness and wellness stories, how-to guides and gear checklists than ever, to help you power through the colder months.

What's on T3?

What's on at Fit&Well?

T3 will be bringing you more of its blend of workouts, yoga, equipment top 10s and tips for getting – and staying – in shape mentally and physically. We'll be kicking off today with some ways to get better abs, a better night's sleep and make some actual use of that kettlebell you bought in a panic on Amazon, three months ago. 

You should also get a taste of what Fit&Well has to offer during Wellness Week. Aimed at people of all ages and abilities, Fit&Well truly has something for everything, with the following themed offerings coming up…

Motivation Monday

Get mindful, with advice on breakfasts, fish oil, cholesterol-lowering foods and building a more productive home office.

Foodie Tuesday 

Okay, so the editorial team on Fit&Well have been tragically unable to make this day's name alliterate, but that's okay. Because if you like food, and you like wellness, you'll love Foodie Tuesday's guides to healthy eating, plus how to curb food cravings.

Workout Wednesday

Routines to sculpt your core and improve your posture; how to supercharge your cycling workouts, plus an ode to the joys of cross trainers aka elliptical trainers.

Therapy Thursday

Get holistic about your wellbeing with everything from light therapy for SAD (seasonal affective disorder) to ‘scentscaping’ – a sort of turbo-charged aromatherapy.

Fit Gear Friday

Find out what running shoes to buy, and just what all those stats on your fitness tracker and its app are trying to tell you.

Science Saturday 

Comprehensive guides to tracking your heart rate, easing anxiety in menopause and the importance of gait analysis for runners. It's the appliance of science.

Sleep Sound Sunday 

Content guaranteed to put you to sleep. Fit&Well will have the best sleeping positions, how to fall asleep faster and how to calculate – and then improve – your 'sleep score'. 


Wellness Week on T3
Wellness Week is brought to you in association with our new sister site Fit&Well and Wiggle. A new standard for a new age of wellbeing, Fit&Well helps you live a better, healthier, happier and longer life. Check it out today at and accelerate your wellness journey.

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