That mental Nintendo Switch with Super Mario Odyssey deal is back on as an Amazon Lightning deal so, you know, flippin' move it

Rare red special edition console and one of the best games ever made for a massively discounted price? Hell yes!

This is the BIG one guys. Amazon has dropped the mother of all Black Friday Switch deals by discounting the rare red special edition of Nintendo's latest console along with Super Mario Odyssey down to a crazy low £279.99.

That's the incredibly well received Nintendo Switch console, which T3 praised on review, along with one of the greatest video games ever made for a simply amazing price point.

Check out the deal in full below:

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch - Red | Super Mario Odyssey | £279.99 at Amazon

The rare red Nintendo Switch special edition with Super Mario Odyssey has been discounted by Amazon down to just £279.99. To put that price in perspective the exact same package was retailing, when available, at Amazon and other retailers for £329.99 and up to £375 pre-deal. Simply put, a massive saving, the most desired Switch variant, and one of the best games ever made for one astonishing Black Friday price.

View red Nintendo Switch with Super Mario Odyssey deal

Seriously, we can't stress how good this deal is. We've seen some good bundle deals for the Nintendo Switch this Black Friday, but nothing that comes close to this, which combines THE game to own on Switch this holiday season with THE version of the console to own for well below 300 notes.

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