iPhone iOS 17.1 update is huge – but one thing is still missing

New features and fixes but iOS users take note

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The iPhone 15 is undoubtedly one of the best phones available but it also brought with it some upgrades for previous iPhone owners to enjoy with iOS 17. Well around a month on from release, iOS 17 is to receive its first update with iOS 17.1. How do we know it's coming? Well, it's kind of a funny story...

France recently pulled the iPhone 12 from shelves over concerns it was emitting too much radiation (stick with me). Apple promised that it would be fixed with an update delivered no later than the 24th of October, putting two and two together it makes sense to launch this fix with iOS 17.1. 

So what will the update bring (aside from fewer superpowered Frenchmen)? Some iPhone 15 Pro Max users have been reporting screen burn, which this patch should resolve, but there are also a handful of new features. 

Perhaps the most useful upgrade is a massive boost to AirDrop that means you no longer have to be in close proximity to the other device for the whole transfer process. You can now start the process and then go your separate ways and the transfer will continue over the internet. 

iOS 17.1 Music app

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Apple is also giving the Music app a bit of love with a new 'favourites' playlist of songs that you have 'starred' (like an email) as your top tracks. If you have an iPhone 15 or 14 Pro you'll be given further control over the phone's Always On Display (AOD) and how long it shows before going on standby.

The action button is a new addition for the 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max and is being given a boost that should stop it from being activated accidentally. When in your pocket, the button will need to be pressed for longer to activate whatever shortcut you have assigned to it. 

Something that we hoped to see in this update was the Journal app, designed to improve mental well-being and help you document your feelings, but that sadly hasn't made its way into iOS 17.1. There are of course third-party apps with similar functionality that you could use in the meantime (or even a physical journal). but it was something we were excited to see in iOS 17. 

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