iPhone users just got a great free smart home upgrade (again)

iOS 16.4 is set to reintroduce the HomeKit architecture, which had previously been pulled

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max
(Image credit: Apple)

When iOS 16 was unveiled, it came with the promise of an enhanced experience for smart home users. The new HomeKit architecture was designed to make it easier than ever for users to connect all of the devices in their home.

But it wasn't meant to be. Issues with the update caused a wealth of problems for users, with devices getting stuck mid update and even disappearing from the Home app altogether. Eventually, the entire thing was pulled while Apple worked on an update.

Now, the update is available again – this time in the iOS 16.4 update. That's according to developers who have installed the beta already, as reported by 9to5Mac. iPhone users will be able to install the update, which should provide the added HomeKit functionality promised at launch.

The upgrade is still optional, and opting to do so will require all of your devices to be upgraded to the latest firmware. Users who have access to beta versions of Apple's software can opt to install the update and test the features out.

It's a great upgrade for iPhone users with other connected smart home devices. After a rough start, the working update should provide users with all of the functionality promised way back in September.

Assuming the latest version really has fixed all of the issues found in the original, users will benefit from even easier integration and a more seamless smart home experience. We'll be keeping an eye out for updates from those with access in the next few weeks.

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