iPhone SE 4 will reportedly undergo massive design rethink before seeing the light of day

Apple said to be making its entry-level iPhone look more like iPhone 14

Apple iPhone 14 in yellow
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple will reportedly release a new iPhone SE model soon (next year, most likely) with the entry-level model adopting a more recognisable, modern iPhone style.

The iPhone SE 4, as it is being dubbed at present, will be redesigned to feature a case more like the iPhone 14, it is said. That means the sides will be flat, and while the wider notch will remain at the top of the display, the Touch ID button will finally disappear for good.

MacRumors claims that the next-generation SE is known by the device identifier D59 internally, and is codenamed Ghost.

It also suggests that the iPhone SE 4 will only have one camera lens on the rear (the iPhone 14 has two). However, it will sport a 48-megapixel sensor, so should still take decent shots in different scenarios.

According to MacRumors, there is "significant envidence" to support the single rear camera design, including Apple's own internal documentation. The rear design is known by the codename Portland.

In all honesty, the switch in design for the iPhone SE 4 couldn't come too soon. The current iPhone SE model still carries a similar aesthetic to 2017's iPhone 8.

Exact specifications for the new device seem to be thin on the ground, although it's a safe bet that it will include a USB-C port rather than LIghtning.

The EU ruling on standardised charging comes into affect next year, so Apple won't want a device in its line-up that won't adhere to the new legislation. It is currently in the process of switching over all of its portable, rechargeable devices to USB-C.

MacRumors doesn't mention a release date for the next iPhone SE, although the level of detail allegedly "leaking" from Apple or one of its partners suggests that it won't be too long before we hear more.

The 3rd generation iPhone SE launched in March 2022, while its predecessor also hit stores in the spring a couple of years beforehand. So, not only are we due a new model, it would be a safe bet to suggest that it is also coming around March or April 2024.

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