iPhone 15 Pro brings strength, action and the best camera yet to the Apple flagship

With a titanium build and a new action button, the premium iPhone 15 model looks better than ever

Apple iPhone 15 Pro
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The news from Cupertino is coming thick and fast, with the Apple event finally revealing the model we’ve all been waiting for. The iPhone 15 Pro represents the best mobile tech that Apple has to offer, and this year we’ve been given plenty to look forward to. 

The iPhone 15 Pro once again comes in two forms; the standard 6.1-inch iPhone 15 Pro and the larger 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Max. Both models feature the same new A17 Pro chip (ditching the Bionic nomenclature of previous years) and storage options. However, the larger Max model gets a longer battery life, due to the physical space available in the body. 

This year, there is also a difference in the camera systems between the Pro and the Pro Max. While on the 14 Pro models, these were identical, we did see something similar on the iPhone 13 models, with the Max getting the longer zoom (4x rather than 3x). Here again on the 15 Pro models, the Max gets a new 5x zoom camera thanks to a periscope lens arrangement, while the 15 Pro sticks with a 4x tele option - albeit with a new 48-megapixel main camera to ensure better pictures all-round.

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Perhaps the biggest change for the iPhone 15 Pro however, is the use of a new material for the casing. Rather than the stainless steel band used on the 14 Pro to connect the glass front and back of the phone, the 15 Pro and Pro Max use a titanium enclosure.

Titanium is both stronger and lighter than stainless steel, making the phone harder wearing and more comfortable in the hand for longer periods. It also means the build can be thinner.

Titanium was of course used in the Apple Watch Ultra, so it makes sense that it is now coming to the iPhone 15 Pro models.

Also borrowed from the Apple Watch Ultra is the iPhone 15 Pro’s new action button. This replaces the mute switch that has been on iPhones since the original in 2007. The action button (like on the Watch Ultra) can be customised to control a range of functions, such as bringing up certain apps, starting a workout, Facetime or yes, still muting your phone (probably).

In terms of colours, the Pro range is looking even more muted this year with a black, silver and white option accompanied by a new blue colour. The blue is darker than the blues we’ve seen for the last two years, instead looking closer to that used on the iPhone 12 Pro models. It’s a shame there’s no gold this year, as it did look far better in the flesh than it did on pictures.

Although, as the colours are created by using a thing protective layer on the titanium design, they all look different this time around.

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Storage options this year remain the same for the Pro though, with capacities ranging from 128GB up to 1TB. The 128GB option feels pretty small these days, but if you’re using iCloud for all of your storage, it probably is enough.

The Pro Max starts at 256GB.

Oh, and there's the new USB-C connection of course, with 10Gbit/s of data transfer speeds.

The iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max will be available for pre-order from Friday 15 September and shipping from Friday 22 September. Prices start from $999 / £999 for the 15 Pro and $1,199 / £1,199 for the 15 Pro Max.

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