iPhone 15 could get a decent battery upgrade inspired by EVs

It should mean battery life is greatly improved

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We're now only around two months away from the expected launch date for the iPhone 15 range. We've already heard a lot of rumours and leaks about upgrades for different models in the series, leaving us with a fairly comprehensive picture of the devices which could be on the way.

Now, another rumour is circulating – and it could prove to be an important upgrade. According to Twitter user, RGcloudS, the new range will employ stacked battery technology. That's most famously used in the best EVs, and has also been rumoured for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra recently. 

Stacked batteries use a slightly different layout to traditional units. The component layers are stacked like layers of a laminated piece of wood. This allows for more components in a given space, and thus higher battery capacity.

The technology is employed regularly in electric cars, where maximising the efficiency of a battery in any given space is fundamental. That same philosophy can be applied to phones, too. 

For a while now, traditional handsets have topped out at around 5,000mAh. Using stacking means that capacity can be increased without making the physical dimensions of the battery any bigger. Alternatively, it could reduce the physical size, while maintaining the same capacity, allowing more room for other components.

The leak also suggests that the technology will make it onto the entirety of the new iPhone line up. If true, that's a big deal. Quite a few big feature announcements have been limited to the Pro models. That's frustrating for users who would normally opt for a vanilla model.

The leaker also provided some information about charging speeds. That's said to be rated at 40W for wired charging and 20W for MagSafe wireless charging. The tweet also noted a new protocol and power chip were onboard to help make that happen.

If it proves to be true, that could be a really important update for the range. While a lot of Apple's historic battery issues have been resolved in recent years, they still have the odd niggle. This should enable them to improve the capacity on offer in their devices, making the battery life even more appealing.

With the devices expected to launch in September, there's not too long to wait and find out if this rumour comes true. Keep an eye out for further updates in the run up to that event, too.

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