iPhone 14 Pro users see 5G speed boost

The latest iPhone model gets a significant performance upgrade

iPhone 14 Pro
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple's iPhone 14 Pro was released earlier this month, with a host of new and exciting features. New processors and overhauled cameras will appeal to some users, but faster performance is a win for everyone.

And according to Speedsmart.net, the new iPhone 14 Pro boasts a significant jump when it comes to getting things done quickly.

5G download speeds are 38% quicker than the previous iPhone 13 Pro models, averaging just over 255 Mbps at the top end. That means less buffering when streaming and quicker load times when browsing the web.

Elsewhere, latency on the new models is improved too, sharpening up how slick the overall visual experience is. This will be especially noticeable with the new dynamic island. The improved latency, coupled with the new A16 Bionic chip which debuts in the 14 Pro line, enables the island to morph shape to allow for different uses. 

The speeds shown in these new figures are exceptional and represent a substantial leap forward from what was already a quick device. But just how much difference will it make to the average user?

Most tasks that the iPhone 13 Pro range could already handle will be largely the same: expect things to be sharp and instant. The upgrades could just make the difference when it comes to things like streaming, though, particularly for commuters or those needing content on the go. 

Where older models with lesser download speeds may struggle to keep up with changing data coverage and black spots, the iPhone 14 Pro will go further to keep your TV and music playing.

As the pace of life increases, you need a phone that can keep up. If these early speed scores are a sign of what's to come, Apple, and the iPhone 14 Pro, are leading the charge. 

Sam Cross
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