iPhone 14 Pro expected to get this extra feature

Anyone looking for the fastest possible iPhone 14 will need to get the iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 Pro Max
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We're now just a couple of months away from seeing the iPhone 14 series in the flesh and the rumours and leaks are building at a steady rate. 

The update to the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro has a lot to do to innovate on the best smartphone on the market right now. 

Based on what we know, or can at least guess, the iPhone 14 is going to offer some big and some incremental updates to the iPhone 13 and we now have a new piece of the puzzle. 

According to a report in DigiTimes (via MacRumors), the iPhone 14 Pro – and only the 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max – will get an upgrade to the iPhone's internal RAM. 

All iPhone 14 models will feature 6GB of RAM, the same as the iPhone 13 Pro models, but the Pro and Pro Max will be upgraded to the faster LPDDR5 specification, improving performance and efficiency in the process. 

The current iPhone 13 models include LPDDR4X RAM (starting at 4GB for the iPhone 13) and that's expected to continue in the standard iPhone 14 models. 

One for you, one for me 

Apple is apparently planning to shift its strategy with the iPhone 14 series by adding high-end components and features to the Pro models and leaving them out of the standard models. 

Reports suggest the two Pros will get the new A16 chip while the other two remain on the A15, for example. It remains to be seen what performance differences are there – and they might well end up being small – but it's a notable change. 

Part of the reason is likely down to the shortage in critical components for smartphones and other devices, which could constrain the number of A16 chips Apple can physically produce. 

Another reason is that clearly differentiating the models helps sell the more expensive, and therefore more profitable, Pro models to consumers. If the iPhone 14 is basically as good as the iPhone 14 Pro Max, not many people will stump up the extra cash. 

Can't wait for the iPhone 14 Pro? 

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