iPhone 13 video shows the stunning notch-free design we've been dreaming of

Apple iPhone 13 concept is the iPhone of our dreams

New iPhone 13 video
(Image credit: DBS Designing)

The iPhone 13 promises to be a big phone for Apple. That's because it is slated to finally introduce advanced features that the best Android phones on the market have had for years.

A 120 Hz display, for example, was heavily rumored to be coming on the Apple iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max phones, but with mere months to go until launch, Apple appeared to pull the feature. And that left Android flagships sitting pretty for yet another year with a serious screen advantage.

Equally, while Android phones have been boasting notchless designs for a while now, Apple's devices are still firmly wedded to the notch, which is starting to look very dated in the age of pop-up, pinhole and, shortly, under-display cameras.

As such, the iPhone 13 has the potential to really deliver big this year, and right here in this fresh new video we've just got our best look yet at just how special the next iPhone flagship could be.

This phone, which is the work of talented future tech design group DBS Designing, shows a next iPhone concept that not only boasts and proper edge-to-edge notch-free screen design, but also a next-gen under-display selfie camera.

The phone is shown to also come in a variety of different colorways and feature a stacked four-lens rear camera system with flash module. The lead model, though, which is black and finished with lovely gold detailing, also communicates how the next iPhone could be thinner, and there are next to no bezels on it either.

Simply put, it looks like the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max that everyone would empty their wallets for.

What are the chances of Apple releasing a phone like the one in this concept video? Here at T3 we think there is a very good change of the new iPhone featuring a 120 Hz refresh rate display. However, we don't think any phone in the iPhone 13 range will come with an under-display selfie camera.

The reason for this is that Android phones have been technical leaders in the smartphone world for over half a decade now, with Apple then following suit a year or two after a tech is introduced, and while we know numerous Android phone makers are developing under-display camera tech, none have launched a mainstream device with it yet.

As such, we think it will be still a few years until we see a under-display selfie camera on an iPhone. We could, though, see an iPhone 13 with a reduced size notch.

Hopefully we will hear more about the iPhone 13 range of phones soon. Here's hoping the final official product looks half as good as this concept.

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