iOS 15 brings touchscreen trouble to users of older iPhones

Touchscreen sensitivity is causing havoc with iPhones

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You’ve just received your brand new iPhone 13 and can't wait to use it. The last thing you want to encounter is a bunch of touchscreen issues on your new device – but that’s exactly what some users now appear to be reporting.

A couple of weeks have barely passed since September's big Apple Event, which saw a slew of new products unveiled, though we're still yet to get our hands on the Apple Watch Series 7 that's being released later this year. But, as is custom to all newly released technology, there have been some new issues already reported, not only concerning Face ID not working in specific cases, but now some apparent touchscreen troubles. 

MacRumors first reported on the new touchscreen function issues after compiling a string of complaints from Reddit and Twitter. Various users have encountered their iPhone (the iPhone 13 Pro in this particular case) refusing to wake up or work on occasion. 

These reports have been compounded further by Twitter complaints, and even Apple Support forum posts, which all indicate that ‌iPhone 13‌ customers are collectively suffering some touch sensitivity issues on their new phones. While this reportedly impacts the phone waking up, other posts point to "instances of system-wide and in-app touch inputs not responding," notes MacRumors.

The teething issues users have been reporting aren't just isolated to the iPhone 13, either: these annoying 'touch events' seem to extend to other devices that have updated to iOS 15, as well. In some ways, this isn't a bad thing, suggesting that the bug isn't just exclusive to the iPhone 13 and is likely a wider software issue that can hopefully be fixed in a later update. 

Apple's had a bit of a tough run of late, with another user-reported bug that appears to have stopped the 'Unlock with Apple Watch' from working. Apple is supposedly working on an upcoming fix for this, so let's hope they can soon bundle in a remedy for the touchscreen sensitivity issues, as well.

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