If I won the lottery I'd buy this 24 Carat gold Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

There's nothing extra about it

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Caviar
(Image credit: Caviar)

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has only just been announced and already the folks over at Caviar have given it a trademark glow-up. It's now looking bold in gold with a 24K dragon design on the back. 

This might be a relatively restrained re-imagining from the team who put alien life in an iPhone but there's still nothing understated about the Era of the Dragon model of Samsung's upcoming flagship. 

As well as the 24K dragon, the rear of the phone also sports a prestigious Tourbillon watch and three stars. There's a message to it too. The dragon is a symbol of Eastern Power, paying homage to Samsung's Korean roots, the watch represents time while the stars "represent the very first symbol of the global company, derived from its name - Sam Sung, translated from Korean as Three Stars."

That's a pretty nifty design, so how much will it set you back? Well, $15,000 is a lot to pay for a phone, but can you put a price on quality? If you know a Samsung or indeed Game of Thrones fan then this might be the ultimate present for them. 

If your budget doesn't quite stretch to 15 grand then try the $9000 Zodiacal series which features zodiac constellation-inspired designs, symbolising good luck.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Caviar

(Image credit: Caviar)

As well as these custom designs Caviar also offers a range of patterns that were previously featured on the S23 Ultra. The most expensive of these is a $74,000 model made of pure gold "with exquisite relief patterns inspired by the Corinthian order of classical architecture."

Of course, the S24 Ultra isn't exactly a cheap phone to start with. The 1TB version launched at £1549 (admittedly cheaper than last year), so why not treat yourself to an ultra-premium variant? 

I love the way Caviar consistently pushes the boat out with its designs, be it a dinosaur tooth or Roman spear, it always comes up with some funky new idea with its collections. 

Andy Sansom
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